Student Release

​The forms and guidelines below were developed by a working group of school administrators, staff and parents to facilitate student release and standardize procedures among Marin County schools
Four Steps to Student Release
School Staff
  1. ​​At REQUEST GATE, verify parent ID and authorization.
  2. Direct parents to REQUEST GATE.  Radio or send runner for student.
  3. At RELEASE GATE, verify that Student Request Form is signed.
  4. Release student to custody of authorized adult.
  1. Fill out Student Request Form.
  2. Show photo ID at REQUEST GATE.
  3. Move to RELEASE GATE to wait for student.
  4. Leave campus immediately after student is released to your custody.
School nurses participated in the development of the Student Emergency Contact Card.  It contains student and parent/guardian contact information, adults authorized for student pick up, and medical background about the student.  A Spanish version is also provided.  Print double-sided in landscape page setup on card stock.

This form is used to request the release of a student from the school site and facilitate verification of the authorization to pick up the student.  A Spanish translation is also provided.  Print on brightly colored paper and distribute to parents to implement the student release process.
A pocket-sized card, also available in Spanish,​ serves as a reminder to parents/guardians​ regarding procedures and designated adults authorized for student pick-up.  Print double-sided on card stock in landscape page setup.  Make three cuts to create six cards per page.
These signs are used at the evacuation assembly area to inform the Incident Commander whether all students and staff are accounted for or if there is a problem.  Print "All Clear" on green sheets, "Need Help" on red sheets and laminate the signs.  Distribute to teachers for their classroom emergency backpacks.
This form should be provided with a Ziploc bag to store medication that is only used for emergency situations.  Print the 72-hour Medical Authorization on lime-green paper with the Spanish translation on the reverse side.  A cover letter to parents explaining the request for a 72-hour supply of emergency medicine is available in English and Spanish. Medication that must be administered daily to a student should be sent to school separately.  Unused medication is returned to families at the end of the school year.  


This is a double-sided flipchart that describes the student release plan, including staff assignments, population assessment, advice for parents and customizing instructions.
A backer's dozen of reminders for parents or guardians when the student release procedures are implemented at a school. A Spanish translation is also provided.
A dozen hypothetical variations on requests to pick up students to test student release procedures.
A page of questions which were asked during a Model Student Release Plan workshop to help schools organize their procedures.