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Marin County Schools Emergency Services

​The Marin County Office of Education works closely with Marin County's public and private schools and the Marin County Sheriff's Office of Emergency Services to support emergency preparedness in our schools and community. This web site is part of the effort to provide an effective plan and resources to improve emergency response procedures in all local schools.

Space is still available for the 
October 3, 2018 Marin Countywide School Safety Summit 
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 MCOE monitors weather events and maintains communication with schools and the Marin County Office of Emergency Services. Check here for updated information on weather events that may impact school operations as it becomes available. 
Comprehensive School Safety Plan Compliance Audit Information

Heat Wave Information
National Weather Service Forecast Office for the San Francisco Region
Emergency Preparedness Resources   

Model Emergency Management Plan

The Marin Schools Model Emergency Management Plan is a comprehensive reference, updated to reflect the broader range of hazards and threats that school campuses must now be prepared to face.  The Model Plan was developed by the Marin County Office of Education as a tool to assist in the planning and implementation of effective school emergency preparedness programs.

The Model Emergency Management Plan provides a framework for protecting students, staff and school facilities and describes the roles and responsibilities of staff members in a variety of emergency situations. Schools are encouraged to download the Model Plan and adapt it for individual site needs.
Emergency Actions Flipchart
The Emergency Actions Flipchart is drawn from the Response section of the Model Emergency Management Plan. The Emergency Actions Flipchart serves as a quick reference guide to assist staff in finding information immediately during an emergency. Schools are encouraged to download, print and post the Emergency Actions Flipchart in every classroom.  The LOCKDOWN protocol has been updated to align with revisions to the Model Emergency Management Plan following the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.  The Flipchart is formatted as a fillable PDF document for easy customization. Type the site-specific information into the shaded boxes and print. To produce multiple copies of the Emergency Actions Flipchart, make the quantity of copies for each page separately without collating.  Cut all copies of a single page at the same time before collating the Flipchart.


Student Release

Certain situations may involve releasing students from school or relocating them at a time when parents expect their children to be at the school site. Evacuation, relocation or student release will be imp​lemented​ by a district or school administrator only in times of extreme emergency when conditions exist to warrant such execution.  Whenever possible, it is preferred that students remain at school during the academic day. A working group of school administrators, staff and parents developed documents to facilitate student release and standardize procedures among Marin County schools.


National Incident Management System (NIMS) Standardized Emergency Management System (SEMS)

NIMS is the nation’s first standardized management approach that unifies federal, state and local government resources for incident response.  SEMS is used throughout California to manage and coordinate any emergency response involving more than one agency or jurisdiction.  NIMS and SEMS establish the Incident Command System (ICS) as a standardized organizational structure to establish a unified command and line of authority, with a common language and set of procedures for the management of all major incidents.

Use of SEMS during a disaster response is an eligibility requirement for local governments, agencies and special districts to receive STATE reimbursement following a disaster.  A federal directive requires state and local governments and special districts to adopt NIMS in all preparedness, planning and response efforts.  


Winter Storm Resources
Office of Emergency Services ‐ Current Emergency Information
PG&E Storms and Outages

Sand and Sandbag Locations in Marin County
      Shamrock Materials (415) 455-1575
      Martin Bros (415) 388-2025
      Pini Hardware (415) 892-1577
      Water Components (415) 451-1780
      Goodman (415) 388-6233
Marin County Flood Control and Water Conservation District ‐ Real‐Time Rainfall, Creek Stage and Weather Data
More information on: Winter Planning Resources​











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