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Regional Occupational Program (ROP) and Career Technical Education (CTE)


The Marin Regional Occupational Program (ROP) is committed to leadership in developing and providing quality vocational education needs to Marin County High School Students. ROP closely collaborates with business in program design; teaches, reinforces, and enriches core academic curricula; prepares students for gainful employment; provides, real-world applications of skills that will connect students' present activities and future lives; and prepares students to meet the needs and expectations of employers today and in the future. ROP is a partner in the State and County CalWORKs reform. The ROP also coordinates efforts, programs, and resources to help implement and support the Marin County School to Career Program.

What is ROP?

The Regional Occupational Program offers a wide variety of career classes for high school students and adults in the county. These classes are intended for anyone seeking a new career, a career focus, or upgrading of current skills.

ROP provides courses in the following Pathways:

  • Arts & Communications
  • Business & Marketing
  • Health & Biosciences
  • Service Occupations
  • Technology & Engineering

Please check for specific class listings and schedules throughout our home page.

See samples of projects below from our new Digital Communications: 21st Century Core Craft Skills Class being offered at the COM Academy at Sir Francis Drake High School.

6-second video Lesson Plan
42-second video Lesson Plan


ROP classes are provided at all nine of the county's public high schools along with community sites throughout Marin. Classes are scheduled evenings, afternoons, and during the high school day.

What You Can Expect from ROP

Entry Level Job Training - The ROP offers to high school students and adults, free or low cost job training in over twenty different occupational areas. Each class is as like as possible to the actual working conditions found in business and industry. To make sure that you get the best possible instruction, our classes either model the real work setting or use local business or industry to provide non-paid, on-the-job training. High school juniors and seniors have enrollment priority.

Qualified Teachers - Our teachers are not only properly credentialed to teach, but also have many years of experience in jobs related to their ROP class.

Certificate of Completion - The ROP Certificate of Completion is your proof of successfully completing your job training.

Job Search Assistance - As part of your ROP training, you will learn how to complete a job application, prepare your own resume, and interview for a job. ROP/District partnerships provide regular contact with local business and industry to keep informed of employment opportunities. In most areas of the county, job placement specialists are available to assist you in your job search. Although ROP does not guarantee you a job, our student follow-up records show that a high percentage of ROP graduates find employment or continue their education.

Career Counseling - Marin high schools have a career center guidance staff person. These centers are designed to assist you in making decisions about your future. Through activities in the career center or counseling office, you may discover what jobs best match your interest and abilities.

High School Credit - ROP classes offer high school elective credit. Certain classes meet graduation requirements at local high schools or adult education programs. Credits are based on productive hours of attendance. Check with your high school counselor to find out how your school determines ROP credit.

What ROP Expects from You

Attendance - Good attendance is one of the most important requirements for your success in future employment. For this reason, ROP places particular importance on your attendance record. When you are unable to attend a scheduled class, you are expected to advise the instructor prior to your absence. Attendance is checked daily in ROP classes. Excessive absences or tardiness may result in the student being dropped from the class.

Clothing - Dress codes are determined by the specific job for which you are being trained. Your teacher will advise you of the proper dress.

Conduct - ROP classes are located in the community at local businesses as well as on school campuses. During scheduled classes, ROP students are expected to abide by all rules and regulations, and project a positive and professional image. Remember, your instructor’s recommendation to a prospective employer will depend upon your performance, attitude, and behavior.

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